Monday, July 20, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/20/09 (Outrageous Video Day)

  • "Sprite"

    Props to the HuffPost. This ad just got banned in Germany, for obvious reasons. I'm really happy Sprite is acknowledging the age-old sex spin of "Quench Your Thirst". And can I just say that I'm shocked they have the interracial thing going on in a German commercial. I thought Germans only liked their Africans on the pitch, not in white women's mouths.
  • "I Don't Even Know..."

    I've never been left speechless by a YouTube video before. I usually get a laugh out, a grimace, something. Last night, though, I came across this riveting "concert" footage on 2DBZ and I didn't know how to feel. Please, as much as it hurts, listen to the lyrics - "I'll suck the shit out yo ass. No, literally, I'll suck the shit out yo ass." Then note the children dancing along on stage. We gots to do better.

    So YouTube removed the original video above, but I found the official music video right here. And people were mad at Drake and Yeezy for "Best I Ever Had"???

  • "Rich People" They really do live in a different world. Found this story on the Trib website. There's a privately owned rail car (we are in the 21st century, remember this) serving the Northwest 'burbs' elite....aka everybody in the Northwest 'burbs. It's an interesting read, mostly b/c you rarely get a glimpse of secret rich white people stuff.
  • "Help" I need some. I Photoshop-updated a shirt design I made in Multimedia Art class three years ago. See "profile picture". I want to get it screened onto a shirt - and potentially a nice bumper sticker or office stationary set - but I don't have the means. Online services refused b/c of the Nike logo. I don't want to make any profit, I just want a shirt so, if anybody knows of a place I can drive to and have this done, let me know. If you want a shirt, I won't can't legally charge you. All you have to do is provide the shirt.


JW said...

There's that place on clark in between Buff Joes and Jimmy Johns. They might do it

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

good look. i pass that place all the time idk how i missed that.

Sean said...

If that place doesn't do it you can always press your own shirt. It doesn't hold up as nicely as a professional one but it works pretty well. Here's one I made with some special printer paper and an iron.

Sean G