Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/21/09

  • "Chris Brown" Breezy issued his first formal apology yesterday for slapping, choking, punching and biting Rihanna. Since harming such a beautiful creature is akin to slaughtering angels, I don't forgive him. But here's the video.
  • "Buzz Aldrin"

    As you can see, dude still has a mean right cross. The guy he's clocking is a Moon landing conspiracy theorist. Now, I have some healthy skepticism about a lot of stuff and I don't automatically write off theorists as kooks. Power in power lie all the time and cover ups do happen. We don't know the 100% truth about 9/11, the moon landing, various assassinations, and such b/c there's too much for rich and powerful people to lose. So this guy isn't retarded for doubting people have been to the Moon. He is retarded for stepping to an astronaut and calling him a "coward and a liar". I mean come on bro, if I stepped to Farrakhan and accused him of killing Malcolm X, I could not expect to then make it back to my car safely.
  • "Big Ben" Sexual assault accusations, eh? Well, call Kobe's lawyer. I really don't understand why athletes even associate with anything not fresh off a runway or beach photo shoot. If I had a nickel for every athlete I could think of who's bedded a homely white chick who then proceed to cry rape, I'd have....a dime. But that's beside the point. That's 10 cents too many. I hope Ben didn't do it - the sex, not even just the rape b/c this lady is busted - but if he did he better get the same treatment Mike Vick and Kobe did in the public eye.
  • "Rachel Maddow"

    Fast forward to the 3-minute mark and listen to her tell it all the way real. I caught the ghost listening to Ms. Maddow preach. If Pat Buchanon isn't a racist insane insanely racist, I don't know who is.
  • "Affion Crockett" Terrible name, but dude is funny. You might recognize him from the inexplicably successful "Wild'n Out". He does a hilarious spoof of Drake here. He even puts on phony eyebrows to get the right look. As a charter member of the Thick Eyebrows Club, I stopped laughing.

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