Friday, July 24, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/24/09

  • "Yesterday" Yesterday was just a great day. Of course there was the perfect game, which I had the honor of sharing with Roger Boye and Bret Begun. God I haven't been that nervous watching a baseball game since last year's 1-game playoff against the Twins. DeWayne Wise could go 0-for-the rest of his career and he will still be a legend for that catch. Then, Kirk and Darrius came through. The video speaks for itself.
  • "Scary S***" I ran across a robot model on the HuffPost today. Probably the scariest thing I've seen in a while. Robots are pretty much second to clowns on the list of scariest humanish things.
  • "Big Sean"

    The "Getcha Some" video came out yesterday. Now, I got a chance to meet Sean when he was at NU in May - shouts to Mido - and talk to him for a couple minutes. He's a good guy, real laid back. The video is okay; I like that there was an attempt at creativity, but Sean looks like he studied "What Rappers Do With Their Hands for Dummies" before the shoot and I feel bombarded with Bape and BBC merch. 7/10.
  • "Gore" Complex Mag has a "40 Most Violent Comics" list. I got into comics a couple years ago, ever since Deuce Deuce put me on to the Sin City graphic novels. So the gruesomeness doesn't bother me too much. If you like comics though, give this a look.


DSD said...

I saw that violent comics list yesterday and wasn't really feeling most of their decisions. Maybe I read too much manga in highschool, haha. Look up Battle Royale or Hellsing on google.

sam said...

Battle Royale (the japanese movie, right?) is that shit. I had to cop that from an English web site years ago before they got distribution in the states.

As for the big sean jawn, it just looked like a bape/bbc commercial. This is their way of advertising through mass media (especially is this ends up on MTV/BET)