Monday, July 6, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/6/09

  • "Fidelity" We all know Steve McNair was murdered over the weekend. That's pretty obvious. Not so obvious, however, is why he was killed or who killed him. The bullet trail - multiple in him, one in the head of the woman next to him - hints at a murder-suicide. But more details have come out to dispute that. I don't know what to believe. I do know that McNair getting killed had something to do with him cheating on his wife - the mother of his 4 sons. He was a great athlete and sportsman, McNair was, but it's looking like he was a pretty shitty husband.
  • "J. Cole" I'd first heard his stuff like 6 weeks ago - a verse over Outkast's Royal Flush instrumental - and was impressed. This guy is a St. John's grad who is Jay-Z's first artist on Roc Nation. I've been bumping his most recent tape, The Warmup, all weekend. This next sentence is going to ruffle a few feathers, but listen to the tape before you leave angry comments here or on Facebook. J. Cole > Drake.
  • "Summer" I'm really fascinated with the fact that this is not a bigger story. There's not a gun problem in this country is there. Of course not. It's perfectly reasonable for there to be 63 shootings in Chicago over the weekend, 10 of which were fatal. Those are Iraq numbers. In 2003. And it wasn't even nice out this weekend!!! Unbelievable. But yeah, guns aren't the problem.
  • "Manhood" Last night I was checking my kids in for curfew at camp. About 6 of the girls ordered some pizza; 2 large Giordano's deep dishes, so for those from Chicago reading you know there were leftovers for days. Once they finished struggling through what their calorie counts could bear to allow, it was time for me to shine. I stared down half a large deep-dish pizza and bets that I couldn't eat it all. They didn't know that I've been eating Giordano's since Sega Genesis was out, so I wish I'd put money on it. After about an hour of work, the pie was gone and I was victorious. That was 14 hours ago and I haven't eaten since.
  • "Culture" I'm not one to condemn practices and traditions foreign to me b/c....well....they're foreign to me and morality is all relative. But, I'm finding it hard to not call bullshit on Namibia's commercial seal hunt tradition. Sure it may be tradition, but clubbing 90,000 seals to death is despicable on any continent.

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