Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/12/09

  • "Fuckery" This doesn't usually take the top spot, but yesterday I couldn't escape it's grasp at Seward Park. The LeBron event was kinda cool. Local pros stopped by and there was endless entertainment, some of which was unplanned. 4 hours into the event, right as the tournament for the right to "maybe play LeBron" started, Seward's Finest showed their true colors and started fighting. I only saw a handful of people throwing blows - likely b/c I'm barely sniffing 5'9" with shoes on - but, having spent 4 years in and around the park, I'm sure there were at least 15 people in on the action. Hope they got some good licks in, b/c they ruined the event for everybody else. And of course, the local news didn't mention the fight breaking out. Gotta impress the Olympic Committee.
  • "Nike" Much love to Nike for putting on as much of the event as Seward's Finest would allow. The entire park was full of 100% free stuff: burgers and hot dogs, Vitamin Water, hats, shirts, basketballs, haircuts (not even joking). For as much money as people spend on Nike's overpriced stuff, it was nice to see them go all out and give back a fraction of it. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I'm surprised a fight didn't break out earlier. Free BBQ and an overcrowded Chicago park? Perfect storm.
  • "Pedestrians" Just wanted to apologize to any pedestrians Chris, Darrius, Erin, Kirk, Christian, Montana, Max and I may or may not have offended, spun around, hit on, dunked on, and/or crossed over downtown yesterday. That doesn't mean it wasn't a lot of fun though. Highlight of the day? The two separate groups of teenage white girls who approached us - parents right behind them!! - and asked us if we would take pictures with them. I gotta start carrying basketballs around more often.
  • "Compliments" I don't take them well. Not like in the "get the hell outta my face b/c you're lying" way, just in the awkward-shuffling-my-feet-and-fidgeting-my-fingers way. Even in cyberspace it turns out. Logan, who writes a persuasive and in-depth blog called "Wake Up America!", showed me some love yesterday on the sight. I'm formally offering him a job as my recommendation letter writer this very moment.
  • "Angry White People"

    Aside from clowns and the ocean, there's not too many other things that frighten me more than angry white people with money. Exhibit A: this crazy white man who got on MSNBC yesterday after walking into an Obama town hall meeting with a loaded weapon.


Krypton said...

Yo, i heard about ya'll taking pictures with those chicks downtown. That's hilarious. 6 Black guys, downtown with a basketball...yup! Let's try white tees, grills, and a microphone and see if we become rappers.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

haha exactly. it was the funniest thing. i was like yo i'm 5'8!'!!

J Freund said...

gotta love white girls

Logan said...

Thanks for the props Dallas. I don't know if I'd call "Wake Up, America!" anything in-depth quite yet, but no less, thanks for the love. I'll write your letters whenever you need.