Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/24/09

  • "Lincoln Park" I don't have anything against LP. I've enjoyed some of my finest - and craziest - nights there. I do have something against the "end of the world is near" coverage they're getting b/c of the recent string of robberies. We live in Chicago. People get robbed. If I wanted to rob somebody, I'd probably choose the place where people ignore zoning laws to build garish city mansions too. Austin, on the West Side for those of you who don't know your city, has had 4 times as many robberies as LP has had. Yet, predictably, the only place you will find those stories is in the police blotter...if they make the news at all. But then I have to wake up to the front page of the Trib today profiling some "fed up" rich woman who's left the city b/c she got robbed.
  • "Mikkey Halsted" If you don't already, listen to him. Seriously. I was with Mila at Sneaker Pimps on Friday night - shouts to Andrew for the tickets! - and he absolutely killed it. Best performance I saw all night, although that may be b/c I didn't say to see Clipse. His album, Chicago: The Photo Album, drops soon. Here's a taste.
  • "Michael Beasley" Boy am I glad the Bulls didn't take him back in the '08 Draft. Not b/c he sucks either; I still think he has All-Star talent. He's a nutcase though. Crazy. We all know NBA players like to blow tree, but you don't take pictures with it (see bottom right corner). Now Mike's apparently off to rehab. I hope he gets his life together.
  • "KFC"

    For the win!!!! Grilled chicken my ass, this is what I'm talkin about. Via the HuffPost.
  • "Gary Coleman" Who turn out even more effed up as adults than child stars? Midget child stars. I was checking The Smoking Section just now, and came across this ad for something called "NYC Fries". They sell them in Canada, for one reason or another, and I guess Gary Coleman is a viable pitchman up there.

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