Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/26/09

  • "Bump J" Woke up to some bad news today. Bump J took a plea in his armed robbery case. Since it was a bank, he's looking at federal time in a federal prison. 7 years is way better than life, but it's a big blow to local hip-hop. He screwed up, but keep Bump in your thoughts.
  • "Depression" The White Sox have me on the verge of checking into the Michael Beasley rehab center. Jesus. They gave away a game Monday, and then refused the offer when Boston handed them the game last night. Pitiful. At least now their record reflects what they've played like all year.
  • "England"

    I really don't understand the argument for why soccer is better than football. Sure, World Cup and UEFA Champions League soccer are better than NFL football, but the rest of it in England is complete fuckery. Example A above is courtesy of The Big Lead. I thought it was a preview for Green Street Hooligans 2, but, alas, tis real life.
  • "King Richard" Never thought I'd ever live to see the day Richie Rich said he made a mistake. I know, I know, he didn't outright apologize. But this is progress.

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