Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/6/09

  • "$" Was I the only one confused by the Giants giving Eli Manning about $100 million dollars to be a smidgen over mediocre? Damn it's good to be a Manning right about now. If you gave me an elite defense, Brandon Jacobs, and capable receivers, I could find a way to win 9-10 games a year too. Too bad Eli has all of that and I have none of it. Guess that's why he's getting the dough.
  • "Justice" Why is the HuffPost giving coverage to this little girl who had her bootleg lemonade racket shut down by the PD? I know I've started each of the last two topics with questions, but I have a lot of questions today. She wasn't following the law, so she can't sell her lemonade. Why is this a story? B/c she is 7? What about the 80-year-old men who sell towels and socks on Stony that get hassled by the police?
  • "Fuckery" There's a controversy abrewin' in the Chicago Public Schools system. Not over the 40% graduation rates or $200 million debt - maybe they should give Eli a call. Nope, there's outrage over more important things: Jeremih being the poster boy for the back-to-school campaign. "Community activists" are protesting the singer b/c of "Birthday Sex". Now, granted Huberman could've gotten Mae Jemison or a doctor or something, Jeremih is fresh outta Morgan Park HS and there are probably some of his '05 classmates still trying to graduate. Give the kids somebody to relate to. For a system that boasts more murder victims than National Merit Finalists, we really need to pick our battles more wisely.
  • "Posner"

  • "Domino's" Much love to Domino's for keeping the "$5 large pizza" deal alive. I've never been more happy to inch closer to heart disease.

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Krypton FLO said...

ya man, that controversy with jeremih is wack. this man can talk about sex and still be a role model. and posner on J records...Good look. I'm excited to see what comes next from Michael.