Friday, August 7, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/7/09

  • "Steroids" So Rashard Lewis - all 220 pounds of him - got suspended for 10 games after he tested positive yesterday. This is precisely why I don't buy into the whole outrage over performance-enhancing drugs. Lewis had "elevated testosterone levels", yet he still looks like a junior in high school. He probably still can't bench his body weight, which I figure should be easy when you're roided up. He broke the rules, yes, so he deserves the punishment. But, this really proves how little I we know about steroids. They must not always make you look like this.
  • "Health" Props to Elisa for telling me about this. Not to make light of this story, b/c it's most certainly terrible, but the details can't be ignored. First of all, the NY Post is saying that dude hadn't had sex since 1990. Now, I'm no psychologist, but I do know that if your sexual encounters are separated by decades, you're pretty much gonna be a screwed up person. Not really much hope for anybody who hasn't hit the skins since the Cold War ended. On top of that (pun very much intended), this cat was planning his rampage on his blog. You for real?? Damn, this guy was a loser in cyberspace too? Gotta be the case b/c if he had any readers this wouldn't have happened. I joke around a lot on this site, but if I got to talking about shooting up the local Bally Total Fitness, I'm pretty sure one out of the 300 or so of you all would tell on my ass.
  • "Hicks" Via the HuffPost. 4 women in eastern Wisconsin (I wish I could figure out how to underline this) were arrested for Superglue-ing the man who'd been boning all of them's dick to his stomach. Now, see, I take pause here b/c if anybody has driven anywhere in Wisconsin not called Milwaukee, they understand that a man with essentially 4 wives isn't too far-fetched a possibility. Maybe these chicks weren't natives. Anyways, watch out fellas. And stop being selfish. 4 women, got damn.
  • "Andre 3000" Props to The Smoking Section for this little feature on some of 3 Stacks' best"hardest" verses. I have no clue how they whittled it down to 5, but it's worth your time to listen.

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