Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Charged In Derrion Albert's Death

I just hope these guys don't hire R. Kelly's lawyer.

That was in bad taste, yes, and maybe too soon, but if a joke makes you believe I take wanton murder lightly then you are a very dense person. For real though, if these guys were the ones who beat Albert to death, they deserve whatever punishment they receive. Save for the death penalty.

No full post today, I really just want to rehash yesterday's. As many people need to see that video as possible. Happy birthday to Lo too.


DSD said...

I dunno, man. I think it's more of a tragedy that if he didn't die, the fight video (which was, at first, more for entertainment purposes(to the kids) than just documenting what was going on) would have been laughed about and put on Youtube.

I think this isn't as bad as the shooting that's probably going on the South Side as I type because there was not likely an intent to kill as much as an intent to beat someone's ass.

Still sad though, but not like a national tragedy, imo.

sam said...

as soon as he got knocked out by that plank of wood, there was intent to kill. Planks and fists are just as much lethal weapons as are guns.

Its even scarier that 16 year olds would want to inflict this kind of pain on one of their peers. They started stomping on his head and beating him while he was down on the ground. This isn't just a sock to the face. This is brutality.