Saturday, September 26, 2009


So I'm tired of dodging text messages and curious floormates. I've spent the past 48 hours freaking out about what people think, know. That's probably stopped me from getting better.

I was diagnosed with H1N1 on Thursday.

I haven't left my room - save for showers, peeing, and brushing teeth - since then. I only told two people at first, out of fear that the news would get out. But it soon became apparent that I had no control over that. So I'm just putting it out there.

What I was worried about wasn't what people would think while I was sick. I didn't want people to know b/c of what they would think after I was sick. Swine flu has been built up to be something closer to the plague than, well, the flu. Which is strange b/c the word "flu" is in the name. Still, everybody - me included - has been told that H1N1 is the new pandemic, something that we'll all get unless we bathe in sanitizer every hour on the hour.

So, now that everybody knows, I just have one request: when I'm healthy again, treat me like I'm healthy. Surprisingly, swine flu feels like the flu. I just have a bad fever and a sore throat. When I see you next week, you can come within 6 feet of me. You won't need to wear a mask to talk to me. You can come to my room next week, it will have been cleaned. Well.

Go to James' concert tonight too btw. I wish I could.


DSD said...

Battle Scars, nigga. Flaunt it.

sam said...

feel better bro, u got food? you want me to find some hoes that have H1N1 too so ya'll can "sweat it out" together?

Dallas Wright said...

haha lo that would be dope. prolly the most cough-filled sex ever but i take what i can get right now?