Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Be Back Tuesday

I love my new freshmen, but advising them is killin me. 7 am wake-ups, work till 6, exhausted by midnight. I won't have time for any full-on posts this week so sorry. I'll still drop some little bits in whenever I find the time though. Next time you hear from me, I'll be 20.

Props to Vihas on this story. If you plan on burglarizing a Johns Hopkins student, or make fun of kids who collect samurai paraphernalia - or both - prepare yourself to deal with the consequences.
How awesome is the rest of this guy's life gonna be? He killed a bad guy with a samurai sword. IN REAL LIFE. Not too many people get to act out those goofy Chuck Norris sayings.

Demas and I talked about it last night, but it's been all over the news too. Jimmy Carter, who I definitely thought was dead before he did that work for Barack's campaign last year, came out and said what a lot of people have been and still are afraid to say: the overt and obnoxious "displays of patriotism" that have been going on at Tea Parties and town hall meetings are a result of people viewing a black man's presidency as illegitimate. I won't get on my soap box, but I agree. People HATED Baby Bush, but they didn't come strapped with AK-47s to meetings he was at. Plus, Jimmy Carter grew up in rural Georgia in the 30s. I'm pretty sure he knows a little bit about racism.

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