Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/11/09

  • "23" Ok, so let me just preface this by saying that I grew up in Chicago in the 90s. Michael Jordan > a lot of people. Before you report me to your neighborhood chaplain or whatever, bear with me. We all know that one kid we went to grade school with who saw Space Jam 43 times the first week it came out and skipped lunch every day to save up for the new Jordans to come out in November or February. I did, b/c that was me. But I knew a ton of others. Find me ANY kid person under 25 who puts a month's worth of lunch money in the collection plate at church and I'll raise you Bigfoot. Mike tells kids to stay in school, practice hard, and they listen. I can call kids I know for a fact spent 8 years in Sunday school and buy enough verde to end anorexia forever. Anyway, Mike gets into the HOF today at 8 pm. It's poor timing - see 9/11 - b/c today should really be named "Michael Jordan Day". He should go in alone and have his own wing in the HOF. The Hall really isn't even a true Hall of Fame without Mike in it. They should be more honored to have him than he is to get inducted.
  • "Nature" Genetics are really weird. It's a wonder so many of us end up with sight, hearing, only one set of genitalia, etc. You may remember that South African runner who dominated her (....) competition at the World Championships last month in Berlin. They thought she was a dude, and, turns out they were half-right. Caster Semenya has external female organs, but no womb nor ovaries; she has testicles, but no wee-wee (haven't used that in a while). She had testosterone levels thrice that of average women. World-class athletes aren't normal women, but, still, god damn! I don't know what they should do with her and him, but they should let Caster keep the medals him and her won in Berlin. Can't punish somebody who won before testosterone rules were in place. Via Trib.
  • "Shawne Merriman" When he got arrested for choking out Tila Tequila, I clowned him. Called him an ass, all of that. Well, I should wait till all the details come out next time I slander people via Twitter. Turns out Tila blew up at Merriman b/c he was boning two other chicks. AT THE SAME TIME. WHILE TEQUILA WAS IN THE HOUSE. AND THEN ASKED TEQUILA TO JOIN!!! If today is Michael Jordan Day on the low, tomorrow has to be Shawne Merriman Appreciation Day. Via TBL.
  • "Vogue" It's no Cassie photo shoot - no link here, just Google her if you're lost - but thank you.

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Miss Kris said...

aww im sad caster is a mixed gender. i was really hoping (s)he would prove them wrong. sigh. oh well...