Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/2/09

  • "Jordan" Jordan brand put out an online lookbook today. Just b/c they can I guess, and b/c they know I'll spend an hour worshiping it. Props to TSS.
  • "Athletes" For all of you who knew that one kid who was determined to become a pro athlete, even though they couldn't hit a pull-up jumper or throw a curveball for a strike. Thomas Jones had a birthday party recently, and he clearly shows us why millions of kids waste their time spending their imaginary future millions in their minds. It's called "pussy popping on a handstand". Oh yeah, and he's dating Meagan Good. Props to TBL.
  • "Pity" I came across this on HuffPost. A now-22-year-old European chick named Callie Rogers is being profiled, sadly. She hit the lottery at 16 and won nearly 2 million pounds and, like any teenager would, blew it all on boob jobs and coke. Now, my first question is why couldn't I have grown up over there. You can hit the lotto at 16?? Shoot, my allowance woulda been all spent up. Secondly, why should we feel sorry for this girl? Sure she could saved at least some of the dough, but she damn sure got her money's worth. Coke, wealth, and big chesticles = great teenage years. I'd rather her sniff all her money up than, say, invest it in AIG and Lehman Brothers.
  • "Crack"

    I'm sorry I meant to type Whitney Houston. Reflex. I apologize. She sang in Central Park yesterday I think, and missed every high note. She blamed it on being on Oprah. "When I'm talking, I should be singing." Sheeeeeeeeeeit. When you're suckin' on that pipe, you should be singing."

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