Friday, September 25, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/25/09

  • "Fuckery" If you just ate, you may want to skip on to the next point. You all know the metal rings you twist on the ends of the bar when you're bench pressing? Well, some guy in California stuck his dick in one of them to "enlarge the size of his member." Wtf. Are times that hard (look what I found, a pun!!)? Don't those penis creams come with a cash back guarantee? Props TBL again, and god that headline is pure gold.
  • "Chicago State" It's not exactly Harvard, but CSU has done a lot for Chicago's black community. They've helped thousands of young people who were written off by the school system as failures get degrees. Sure there are issues at the university, but what school doesn't have problems? 55% retention rate, you say? Oh. Um, well yeah that's a BIG problem.

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Miles said...

Robert Gordon is a douche, but he is undeniably a G. His catheter broke one day during class last year (less than 20 kids), and a sizable piece of shit fell on the floor and he said "excuse me," and kept teaching like it didn't happen