Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/29/09

  • "Brett Favre" I cannot escape him. Every year seems like the last time I'll ever have to see him throw a football, and then he comes back. With the Vikings 3-0, and Favre making game-winning throws, I'll just have to take the Kamau trash talk like a man. Nov. 29th. Oh I can't wait.
  • "Politicians" They suck. The healthcare public option was officially shot down today, meaning millions of people will still be driven to go w/o care in the face of amped up private insurance costs. It's not all Barack's fault, but he's the President so he takes all the blame. Even from me. How can you call this bill a reform bill w/o a public option?
  • "Steph Curry" I feel bad for the guy. And, being a college legend and high NBA draft pick, you know things must be really effed up for him to be getting my pity. There's an interesting reading on The Big Lead about how Curry's backcourt midget mate, Monta Ellis, has already given up on the season.

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phu nguyen said...

picture 2: being a politician is a tiring and delicate job.