Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/4/09 (Video Heavy)

  • "Curtis"

    If any of you have seen the show Wife Swap (clean minds please), and I know you have, then I don't need to explain the premise. Even if you haven't seen it, the title leaves little to the imagination. Anyway, here's a clip of a little guy named Curtis letting his new mammy mommy have it b/c she took away his bacon. This kid could be the next Gary Coleman if the networks play it right. I'd watch him. I just know in the raw footage little man is like "I cannot BELIEVE this black bitch came into my house and took my bacon and my toaster strudels!" Props to TSS.
  • "Raekwon" If you haven't heard OB4CL2 yet, Google it now! My favorite album out of the Wu camp since Supreme Clientele. It comes out on Tuesday. Support good hip-hop.
  • "Addiction" A story about the country's first internet rehab center was in the Trib today. The word "porn" was only mentioned in the article once. This is why I give this article two thumbs down, b/c we allllll know that 85% of the people in there are in there b/c they spent their baby's formula money on another subscription to Bang Bros. We all know that. And I don't appreciate the newspapers ignoring that. They have the nerve to mention Facebook as an addiction. You can't be addicted to something that's free. Trust me, if Facebook started charging per wall post, our news feeds would be emptier than a Jewish temple in Iran.
  • "Sportsmanship"

    I don't play football. I wasn't built for it, mentally or physically. If you told me there were 230-pound men coming whose only goal was to hurt me, I couldn't remember my ABCs, let alone when to dig on a dig route. Anyway, turns out Legarrette Blount may not be cut out for football either. He went all Frank Lucas on us last night and started slapping up opponents and teammates. My guess is that living 20-some years of life named Lagarrette finally came to a head.
  • "Crack" I always saw it as a fad drug, you know? Kind of like the LA Gear shoes of narcotics. But, people, for some reason, are still smoking it. And engaging in the requisite fuckery. A Las Vegas lady was Al Green-ed at a crack party last month and she died in the hospital. Now, I don't hang in the crackhead circles, but I can see how "announcing you have a large sum of cash on you" can get you in hot water with some baseheads. Pun more intended than slavery.

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