Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/8/09

  • "Oprah" Somebody named Oprah Winfrey is in town too. I don't hate Oprah, I just hate everything she does. We up billions in tax dollars a year, a lot of which goes toward maintaining places like Grant Park and Millennium Park. So, Oprah, use it. Can't believe she's shutting down the most famous street in the city in the middle of the week for her show. Ridiculous. Now I have to fight through delirious, menopausal MI-never-LFs to get to the House of Blues.
  • "Colored Jeans'' Sorry to be so negative today, especially since it's going to be such an amazing one, but I have to say this. Colored jeans are the bane of our fashion existence. They're awful. Terrible. And if you are placing your hands on your lime green denim-covered hips right now in disgust, I hope you had barbecue sauce on your hands. Colored jeans should only be worn on Halloween and at themed gatherings (see "retro dances" and "ugly clothes day" at school). If you can't dress well enough in regular or black denim, don't make it worse by buying Crayola-brand jeans.
  • "Twitter" Follow @shitmydadsays. Probably made up, but funny nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Oprah is picking up the bill for everything, and women in colored jeans>>>.

Tis all

VicksTheGreat said...

woooooooooooooow. yo FSD hooked you up bro. after all that editing, they reward you by allowing you to cover the concert?!?! i need to start editing some shit lol

Dallas Wright said...

People look like Power Rangers when their colored jeans match their entire outfit. They suck.

And Oprah can't put a price tag on inconvenience haha she owes me some $ personally.

DSD said...

I think some girls can pull off colored jeans tastefully but guys almost never.