Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jay-Z Live At The Chicago House of Blues

This is it. This was my golden ticket last night. Drew was Willy Wonka I guess. Or AT&T. One of the two. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get press credentials for the Jay-Z show last night at the HOB. Didn't get backstage or anything, but I was able to bring my video camera in for the whole show. With primo seats.

Jay KILLED it. Did an hour set, and it was all bangers save for Venus vs. Mars. And he didn't even bring out all the heat. Nothing from Reasonable Doubt, no "Girls, Girls, Girls," or "What More Can I Say". You really don't realize how much of your favorite music he's made until you see him live and your jaw hits the ground (pause, I guess) over and over. Most artists have 1-2 songs a set that make the crowd lose it. EVERY song Jay-Z does at his shows make the crowd lose it.

So, instead of the usual Top 5, I'll give you all 5 snippets I got at the show last night. Shouts to Samsung Summer Krush and Fake Shore Drive.

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