Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Hitters >>> 9/14/09

Moving my life back up to Evanston right now so there's zero time for a full out post. So I'm just throwin' some opinions out there from the weekend.

  • Kanye's stunt was more staged than Wicked. Beyonce wins best video of the year but not best female video? Who is she, Caster Semenya? I still cannot name a song by Taylor Swift, and I'm sure she's a nice girl, but she could cure AIDS while landing on The Moon in a hybrid spaceship and I still wouldn't get her album if she paid me.
  • Don't blame the Bears losing on the secondary or the receivers - except Desmond Clark maybe. Jay Cutler is why the Bears lost. Plain and simple. Doesn't look good with Pittsburgh next week either.
  • Serena Williams is a goon. Goon of the month in my book. She shoulda beat the shit outta that goofy lady for letting the match get decided on the sidelines. I guess now we know how her and Common's relationship is too.
  • The Darwin movie can't find a studio with the balls to release it in America. I have no problem with people not believing in evolution - the invisible space man making everything with his hands in less than a week sounds almost believable, and all those dinosaur bones we keep finding could actually just be peculiarly shaped rocks - but why fuck it up for everybody else?

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