Wednesday, September 30, 2009


No time for a full post today. Running around till 9 PM. Peep this though.

If you live in Chicago, you probably know that handguns are illegal to own. Actually, you probably don't know that b/c people still stay strapped. But anyways, the Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge to the city's handgun ban; so it could soon be legal for citizens to carry.

Now I have a problem with this. 1.) The rhetoric people use to justify carrying weapons is closet racist. On the radio and on the news sites, everybody wants a pistol to protect themselves from the "animals" and "criminal element" running wild on the streets. Translation: Gimme me gun back so I can feel safer around all these crazy black people. I'm not diggin' it.

If you want to reduce gun violence, make it harder for illegal guns to get in. Bringing in MORE legal guns won't make the city safer, b/c, you know, guns result in violence.

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