Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/1/09

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    Why is that the news commentary that comes closest to reality has to be on the comedy channel? Propers to Stewart for keeping it 100% and calling out the Democrats for disappointing millions upon millions of people for the last 3 years. They're the Kwame Brown of the politricks games; everything stacked in their favor, yet they find a way to still suck beyond imagination. They're the David Gest to the Republicans' Liza Minnelli, the Tina Turner to the G.O.P's Ike. It's pathetic. Despite a so-called unblockable majority, they can't pass any meaningful progressive legislature. It's better than John McCain/Sarah Palin, but that's an effed up way to think about it so I'm not trying to hear it. Living in state prison is better than living in Somalia, but that doesn't mean you'd be okay with this guy being your neighbor. To the Democrats - I know you're reading - : the way you get people to keep voting for you is to do the things they voted you in to do. If you prove that you can't deliver, what's the point of voting for you?
  • "Fuzzy Fitteds" I don't know what the actual name for these things are, so I just call them what they are: fuzzy fitted hats. I don't understand it. If it's cold, why not just rock a ski cap? That way you can be warm and not look like a jackass.
  • "Judgment Day" In terms of the 2016 Olympics and the future of tens of thousands of poor people's home on the South Side of Chicago, it's tomorrow. Daley is really showing how powerful he is these last few days. Despite 35% approval rates, he's still gotten Oprah and Barack to cosign on the bid. Jesus Christ. How many favors did Daley do for those two if he's getting them to go to Copenhagen and persuade the IOC? They're the most famous people in the world! If we get this, I'll be mad, but I'll have to respect King Richard's hustle.
  • "IQ"

    This is a real game. Start at 1:25. The team attempting the field goal was down 2, trying to win the game. Too bad the other team didn't know that the play ends after the whistle blows. Peep the absolute agony on the face of the player in the blue as the other guy crosses the goal line at 1:47. Priceless. Via TBL.
  • "The Mark II" To go or not to go, this is the question I'm faced with tonight. I don't really have shit to do tomorrow, but it's The Deuce and therefore will be as enjoyable as The Deuce can be. And we all know how much that is.

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