Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/12/09

  • "Revenge" Somebody stole my bike last night/early this morning. I locked it up in front of FoHo like I always do, and now it's gone. Having my property stolen pisses me off more than pretty much everything else. Even Glenn Beck and people who rock sunglasses when the sun isn't out. A lot of you probably know what the bike looks like - black BMX frame, white mag wheels - and so I'm starting to doubt an NU student took it. It's too noticeable to keep on campus. That leaves non-student Evanston residents. I have no class tomorrow so I'm going hunting off-campus. If you see something, let me know, b/c the perp will probably be better off if you find them than if I do.
  • "Self-Control" Check out this really interesting story about 90s college hoops hero Rumeal Robinson. For all you athletes, wanna-be athletes, and millionaire dreamers and schemers, save your money. When/if ever you get it. Rumeal didn't, and now his own mom is trying to sue him. Best quote from the story: "...he'd also have a bunch of the strippers come back to his place, get buck-naked, and clean his house for $500 or $1,000 each." Wow. Via TBL.
  • "CTA" They stay losing, but it's looking like in 2010 we'll all be taking an L. Not the El, b/c officials are looking at charging $3 for a ride on CTA trains next year. 3 bucks a ride, for less frequent service at that. So that's why we didn't get the Olympics. I get it now. Why in the hell would I ever ride the raggedy-ass CTA when a one-way trip costs me more than a gallon of gas?
  • "John Legend" Just because. Shouts to Austin haha.

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