Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/14/09

  • "Bullets"

    Guns scare the hell outta me, but I can't deny that the technology behind them is pretty cool. Mostly just the bullets part though. I advise muting the video, b/c the music blows. Props HuffPost.
  • "Lists" Came across an pointless interesting read on The Big Lead. Some guy named Joe Posnanski, who probably cannot hit a curveball, named *drumroll* "The 10 Greatest Hitters of All-Time". The list has most of the usual suspects, but I was surprised to see Pujols at #6. He's not even a decade in to his career. Good to see Barry Bonds get his due too. Even without steroids, he's still one of if not the most talented player of my generation - all 20 years of it.
  • "Censorship" Photos of U.S. causalities of war were officially banned today. I honestly thought Baby Bush had done this a long time ago, so my anger was much more measured than it probably should've been. I just don't understand the rationale behind this. Taking a photo isn't disrespecting the family of the fallen soldier; it isn't like these pictures are on the front page of USA Today or plastered throughout Times Square. You have to search pretty hard to find war photos. And wtf, what do these people think people believe happens to soldiers at war? That it's like Rambo and every American soldier kills hundreds of "insurgents"? People die in wars, a lot of people. Let's not pretend like they don't.
  • "Morehouse" It's a private school so they can do w/e they want, but even Nazis got to wear want they wanted to. I don't know any Nazis but that works for my argument so go with it. Morehouse's new "Appropriate Attire" policy forbids students from sagging their pants, wearing hats (!!!!), and, the crown jewel of fuckery, no women's clothing. Guess those rumors about Morehouse men are true - no offense J-Man. Are that many dudes down there rocking pantyhose that they have to make an actual rule for it? Props Bossip.

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