Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/22/09

  • "Wiener's Circle"

    Went last night this morning with Lo and Kamau. Only place I can think of where you can eat a char-dog while listening to a cook tell you how she'll dome you up from the back. At 2:30 am in the middle of the week. While listening to a complete stranger ramble on about how she hates 18+ strip clubs.
  • "Dwayne Carter" Smh......Weezy, Weezy, Weezy. First off, if you don't already know, Wayne copped a plea deal on some unlicensed gun charge today. Instead of 15 years, he'll get 8 months in prison - got damn do I need to start rapping! - and probably a lengthy probation. I really don't understand why famous people go to jail. Wayne probably spends as much on security as he does promethazine, why is he strapped? All that soowoo-ing is gonna come back to bite Wayne in the ass when he gets to prison. And by "bite" I mean something a lot more painful.
  • "Privilege" Rich/famous people really live in a different world. They create situations that would otherwise never exist. Take Marcus Jordan as an example. Sure he's the son of the GOAT and Central Florida U's big recruit, but he's about to cost their entire athletic department its Adidas scholarship. Just b/c he won't give up the Jordan brand. Makes sense - I wouldn't expect Mike would be too happy seeing his kid on Sportscenter in Adidas - but why is UCF even making this a debate? Their Adidas deal is worth $2 million a year! If this was just a regular kid, the meeting would've gone something like this: "Coach, I can't wear this Adidas. I'm a Jordan brand guy." "Oh really? Well call Jordan and tell them to pay your scholarship then. See you at practice tonight. In Adidas."
  • "Eva Mendes" Just because.

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sam said...

the food was so good last night. But those rich white people in that video made all white people look bad. *falls back*