Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/26/09

  • "The Right Thing" Zach Parker didn't do it this weekend. Kellyn was nice enough to loan him his Wildcard so he could get into the game for free on Saturday. Kellyn still hasn't gotten that card back. So boo Zach on this one. As an alum, he knows how important Wildcards are and he should've gone out of his way - just like Kellyn did in letting him use it at the game - to make sure Kellyn got his back as soon as possible.
  • "Karma" Wow. Despite this insane play by AP, the Vikings finally lost yesterday. I watched the game in Kamau's room so I could talk my share of garbage and hate on Brett Favre. That part went as planned. The second part of my great Sunday was supposed to be watching the Bears beat the Bungals. Didn't exactly turn out that way. Cedric Benson ran through, on , around and past the Bears all day and the offensive line looked older than John Wooden.
  • "Bad Taste"

    If you're gonna tell Mexican jokes on live, national TV, at least tell a funny Mexican joke. Props TBL.
  • "Warhol" Via TSS. This Warhol of 1984 Mike is going up for auction November 10th. If you want it, just bring about $1 million and you should be all good.
  • "A Bathing Ape" Never been a huge fan of Bapes. Except for Deuce Deuce's 3M joints. Those are nuts. But I just couldn't ever rationalize spending $300 on some shoes that look like Air Force Ones with stars stitched over the swooshes. Unless, that $300 bought me these crispy crocodile kicks. Props High Snobiety.


sam said...


And that wasn't brett farve that messed up. And last week just made it more obvious that Vikings and Packers >>>>>> Bears. Next week will be saucy tho. Viks @ GB.

Miss Kris said...

bwahaha. i'm mad zach's trife self made it on to the top 5!

damn... poor kellyn :(