Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/27/09

  • "Slo-Mo"

    Makes anything cool even cooler. Came across this clip of a HUGE collision at a track meet. It probably is cringe-induced at full speed, but it's pretty funny slowed down. You can see it start to break bad when the chick turns her head away from the sprinter. Peep the guy in orange on the left too screaming "Hooooooly shit" in whatever language he happens to speak. Via TBL.
  • "Lupe" Wow is he a beast. Props FSD for the link to this freestyle. Wow.
  • "Basketball" It's back! Celtics-Cavs tonight and I'm beyond geeked. Tough break for Blake Griffin too, I really wanted to see how good he'd be in the league. Hold me to this: Bulls grab the 6th seed in the East and win 48 games.

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my favorite comment on that youtube video: