Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/7/09

  • "Mustaches" I'm a fan of 'em. Obviously. And no, Lo and Kellyn, I won't pause that. I've held on to mine ever since it filled all the way in back in junior year of high school. I don't know what kind of wolfman genes some of these guys have but those are some serious 'staches. Via HuffPost.
  • "The Rock" Many propers to The Smoking Section for this post on The Rock's 5 Best Matches. If you have a soul, are a boy, and grew up in the 90s, you love The Rock. That's proven. Catchphrases galore - call somebody a jabroni right now and see if they don't put the fists to you - and the 'Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment' all add up to the coolest wrestler ever. Even though he paraded around in a Speedo.
  • "Fear"

    This is Yamaha's singing robot. Gotta be the scariest shit I've ever seen in my life.

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DSD said... - Haha, memories.

And I am in full agreement that that robot is as scary as the one in technologic by daft punk.