Friday, October 9, 2009

Let The Hating Commence

No time for a full post today. Classes and John Legend. If anybody wants my extra ticket, they can just have it. Free 99. Maybe that generosity will get me a Nobel Peace Prize like Barack.

Holy crap are white people mad about him getting this award. I have my questions, especially with him caving on the Afghanistan issue and keeping our troops over there with no timetable for an exit. Commanding an army in a preemptive war isn't exactly the most peaceful thing. And I don't care if he didn't start it, he should end it.

But some of the shit I've seen on the web today is beyond crazy. Erick Erickson, the man with the laziest parents in the world, says he "did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it." Erick, my man, you know other people can read that? You woulda been better off saying "I'm tired of all these darkies and Gandhi winning Nobel Prizes. It's reverse award racism." Damn Erick, tell us how you really feel.

He's done a lot of good things to justify getting this award. I can't even front. Has a President in office ever gotten a Nobel Peace Prize though? The first thing I think of when I think "President" isn't peaceful. Congrats to Barack anyways; don't forget, as success increases, so do haters.

The hypocrisy I'm seeing is disappointing. It's like every other Peace Prize laureate was a god among men except for Barack. Menachem Begin, a former Israeli Prime Minister won one in the 70s while he was bombing the shit out of Iraq and Lebanon. Awards are not objective, and the most peaceful person in the world, shockingly, probably doesn't win most of the time. So, unless you were a finalist and lost, just chill. Damn. Barack winning the award means pretty much nothing. Just another thing to put on his headstone.

And Barack give that money to charity too bro. The Dallas Wright College Fund.

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