Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/12/09

  • "1835 Hinman" Gotta be the most overrated dining hall on campus. It really blows. The actual cafeteria part is barely bigger than the FoHo lounge, yet the seating area can fit like 300 people? Can you say long lines? The food isn't even that good either. The only thing worth making the walk south for is the custom pizza bar. Of course, that was closed for "practice tests" when I got there 1:30 pm. Shoulda gone to Sargent like a normal person.
  • "Gucci" Many many many propers to Lo for finding this guilty pleasure of a mixtape yesterday. So Far So Gucci. It is what you think it is. Download it now.
  • "Jordan" First look at the new Air Jordan 2010s. Uh.....I really hope this is just a concept. Shoes shouldn't be see-through. Period. If I wanted people to see my feet, I'd wear sandals. Props Hypebeast.
  • "Nature" We may be smart, have opposable thumbs, and can have sex for fun, but humans are pretty much still pussies in the animal kingdom. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for this lady who got shredded up by a chimp, but this is precisely why, one, chimps don't need to be locked in cages and, two, people should stop treating them like cute pets and science experiments. If that picture doesn't say "chimpanzees will fuck you up", I don't know what does. This lady was in the vicinity of a 200-pound chimp! Why, ever in life, would you do that? I don't like being around angry 200-pound people, let alone our evolutionary predecessors who can snap your arm off like you're made of K'NEX. I feel bad for this lady - and mad at Oprah for putting her on TV under the guise of sympathy - but if her story scares people out of screwing with chimps, not all was lost. Except for that chick's face....sorry, that wasn't fair.
  • "Patience" Sorry to dwell on dining halls, but my $12 chicken sandwich and salad has me riled up. If this is you, I won't apologize. I hate the people in the salad line who take 5 minutes making a tossed masterpiece. It's a line, move your ass! There was a guy in front of me today who literally took cherry tomatos off his plate and then put them back on . Word? Is having 5 tomatos instead of 4 really going to ruin your salad? Is Balsamic Viniagrette vs. Ranch a decision that requires a dedicated 30 seconds of thought? Ok I'm done.

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