Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/13/09

  • "D-Wade"

    Caught this poster at The Great Room last night/this morning on Sportscenter. Dunk of the year?
  • "The Great Room" Probably the most amazing 1000 square feet in Evanston. I've spent more money there than what's reasonable, but how can you say no to a handmade burger at 1:30 am? I ran across some crushing news on the Daily yesterday: Evanston residents are pushing to get it shut down b/c of zoning conflicts. WTF is zoning? What do they want to be there instead, a library? Like I said yesterday, if Evanston screws this up for me there'll be hell to pay.
  • "NASA" They found water on the Moon. 24 gallons of it. I'm no scientist, but even I know this is kinda like a big deal. Now I'm just waiting on an ambitious entrepreneur to go take that shit and create the most expensive bottled water in the solar system.
  • "The Bears" They suck. Plain and simple. I didn't watch the game yesterday, but the list of damages tells me enough. 5 picks - 3 in the red zone - another dismal showing by the run game, and the offensive line continued to fail. At 4-5 in a crowded NFC playoff picture, it's hard to keep the faith. My only consolation may come in the form of the two beatdowns we give Minnesota.

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