Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/18/09

  • "Kellz"

    R. Kelly is the Panty Raider from Andrew Barber on Vimeo.

    Say what you want about Robert's urinary habits, but you can't deny his star power. Dude is a music legend, at least in Chicago. He did a show last night and the pantie-tossers were out in full effect. The Pied Piper decided to return the favor in this video, and I can only imagine the chaos that followed. Props FSD.
  • "Experts" A "study" of South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius - the runner with prosthetic legs - has concluded that "he gets a boost" from his metal lower body. Um, duh? I would assume that fake legs help you run a little bit faster than no legs would. The officials are complaining b/c Pistorius apparently has to only exert 80% the muscle effort of normal sprinters. Shocking. Except for the fact that he only has 80% of the muscles that normal sprinters do. SMH.
  • "Dwayne Carter"

    A 10-minute preview of the QD3 x Weezy documentary leaked yesterday. I'll probably end up watching it.
  • "Fuckery" With a capital (what the) FUCK. Via HuffPost. A Danish anti-violence PSA surfaced. Sounds like a good idea. Beating chicks up is wrong, and people should know that. The name of the campaign? "Hit The Bitch". I wish I was making this up. I feel bad even opening the page. The premise: you pimp and/or open-hand slap a brunette. The site then measures how "pussy" or "gangsta" of a woman beater you are. I've never been to whatever country Danish people live in, but I'd imagine they are just like everyone else. Making an interactive game where you beat a woman up probably won't convince people that beating women is wrong. It probably will do the opposite. D.A.R.E. doesn't make games where you try to find the right vein to inject your heroin into. At least I don't think so.
  • "Interscope" They are stupid. Wale's Attention Deficit only sold 28,100 copies last week. Not because people didn't like it, but because the geniuses at Interscope only decided to make 30,000 copies available for sale. Folarin sold 94% of the albums his label pressed up, why the hell didn't they make more available? Album sales aren't really how artists eat anymore, but that doesn't mean they should be disregarded. Now I know why my copy is taking so long to get here from Amazon.

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