Friday, November 20, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/20/09

  • "California" They really just need to legalize weed, tax it and move on. This is ridiculous. The in-state cost of public universities in Cali is set to increase 32% over the next 2 years in order to help the state close the Bush-esque deficit it has. Shockingly, students are pissed.
  • "The Klan" Ecstatic over the fact that some news actually came out of the state of Mississippi, everybody's favorite domestic terrorists are back on the scene. The University of Mississippi decided that its band playing "From Dixie With Love" in the year 2009 didn't really scream 'accepting', so they cut that shit off. Mostly it was the "The South will rise again" part. That doesn't really make black people comfortable. The KKK got their hoods in a bunch over this and are planning a rally to protest the "attacking of their Christian, Southern heritage". Sorry to all my friends from there, but the South still sucks.
  • "Electronic Tattoos"

    Kinda creepy but cool at the same time. If they can figure out how to get these to change into different tattoos depending on your mood, that'd be dope. Via HuffPost.
  • "Fuckery"

    Thanks to Bossip, I've found the hoodest, most amazing reality show in the history of television. "Hot Mess Fitness" will feature (at least) a wave cap-wearing, top hat-rocking, bat-wielding trainer named King James terrorizing a couple dozen unlucky - not even just b/c they are obese - black women. This has to make it to TV. What else was the CW even created for? Dead @ "When I step on the floor, I'm a fucking beast."

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sam said...

"Fuck that, you weren't crying at that goddamn table when you were stuffing your fat-ass face"