Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/4/09

  • "Brandon Jennings" Amazing how well he's playing so early in the season. I'm really rooting for him too. He's holding it down for the under-180 folks out there, and, every game he kills, that's another blow to the arrogance that is the NBA's college rule.
  • "Debate" Baby Bush and Bill Clinton are going to debate on February 25th at Radio City Music Hall. Tickets start at $60. Don't know who is getting that money, but W and Bill should have to pay me to sit through more than 30 minutes of them talking. What possible topics could they match wits on? The beauty of recreational drugs? Whose accent is better? I think Bush is a 300:1 underdog, but stranger things have happened. Syracuse did lose yesterday. Wait, now people are saying it's been cancelled.
  • "Advertisements"

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know this week has been pretty race-heavy. But I saw this list of pretty effed up ads on Cracked and couldn't resist. This Indian skin whitener commercial was made in 2008! Smh.
  • "Nia Long" Just because.


sam said...

Just because:

My life in the balance said...

This isn't a case of "everything but the burden" And why are black people so concerned with a 3rd party perception and how others mimic us? What about these facts...

Despite unprecedented efforts to improve black achievement in the past decade, the gap between black and white students remains frustratingly wide

70% of prisoners in the United States are non-whites, of those 90% are black.

% of all high school students who graduate on time who are black: 12.1%

% of all students who drop out of high school in tenth grade who are black: 36.7%

Number of white Americans murdered in 2005 for every 100,000 white Americans: 3.7%

Number of African Americans murdered in 2005 for every 100,000 African Americans: 21.1%

% of all white Americans over the age of 65 who visit the dentist at least once a year: 59.5%

% of all African Americans over the age of 65 who visit the dentist at least once a year: 20.7%

I could go on but surly you get the picture. Jason Welch is not the problem in Our community and until the above internal issues are resolved, we will continue to look like crying, whining enablers.