Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/5/09

  • "Genetics" She may be, uh, loose - looser than some Girbaud strap jeans - but I cannot deny Kim Kardashian's talent. The definition of uncoachable. I dunno what they fed her as a child, but I can't help but admire the finished product. This is what Halloween is supposed to be about. Propers to Sir Samuel of Lozoff for the link.
  • "Change" The Sox picked up Mark Teahen today from KC. He can play right field. These two things equal the end of Jermaine Dye's time in Chicago. It's been real, JD. I'll forever owe you for 2005, and I hope you land somewhere outside the AL Central. *Aside* I'm pissed that Kenny gave up Chris Getz in this deal. Even though he's going to Kansas City, he's gonna be a good player.
  • "Fuckery" I will admit, this is a pretty goofy looking baby. That doesn't mean she should be put in a box under a bed for a few days though. Some lady in Florida gave her baby to a babysitter, which is totally normal. The only thing was it wasn't just for a night. It was forever. Police found the 7-month-old baby in a box under the babysitter's bed, probably b/c of the crying and screams. Like Bossip says: Jesus, take the wheel.
  • "Pumps" Holy shit are these Reebok Pump Bringback x 24 KILATES collabos serious. There are only going to be 31 pairs released, so you know the tag on these will be nuts - click here if your pockets are deep enough. Props High Snobiety.
  • "BBC"

    Pretty interesting feature on The Smoking Section done by BBC News. They explore the meaning(s), if any exists, of sneakers hanging from electric wires. If you live in a city, you've seen 'em. You've probably heard a thousand urban legends about what they mean too: marking gang territory, honoring where a homie was slain, etc. Nobody really knows though. I sure don't.

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Troy said...

Ayo if I find 10 year old retro mikes on a phone line best believe Im gettin a long ass pole to retrieve