Friday, November 6, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/6/09

  • "Fort Hood" Beyond terrible what happened there yesterday. 13 dead and 30 wounded. Unbelievable. Let's not focus on the shooter though. He happens to be Muslim and what he did was disgusting, but those two things are unrelated and we should treat them as such. I'd much rather see us focus on supporting the families of the casualties and making sure justice is served instead of speculating on whether or not this "calm, cool, and religious (WTF?)" gunman was shouting "Allahu Akbar" while he took innocent lives.
  • "Mixed Feelings" Yesterday was a long day. For many, many reasons. The blackface forum was a success and a disappointment. It was amazing to see the 500+ people take time out of their night to talk candidly about race issues on campus. Just as encouraging was the fact that Morty and other prominent admins and faculty came out and spoke as well. I can't lie though, my biggest fear about the forum came true. It was a love fest. It felt good for us to all pat each other on the back for trying to be so understanding, but the discussion would've been much more productive if there was some debate. Photo via Daily Northwestern.
  • "Bullies"

    Props TBL for this footage of a New Mexico soccer player playing some of the dirtiest futbol I've ever seen. Hit :40 for a pretty vicious hair-pull.
  • "Tim Lincecum" Got pulled over with about an eighth of dodie yesterday. While speeding. Gotta love the West Coast. The cop who pulled him over said "It's not really out of the ordinary. It happens every day." Timmy faces a max fine of $622 for misdemeanor possession. That does it, I'm moving to the Left Coast after I graduate. An eighth in your car buys you an ass-whoopin and probation at the worst here, in Cali you get to be on ESPN.
  • "Shel Dorf" R.I.P. to the creator of Comic-Con.

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ryan said...

"Lets not focus on the shooter."

I think your take on this tragedy is particularly flawed and inadvertently cruel. If we want to serve justice, as you say, and "support the families" of the fallen we must do our damnedest to examine what happened, which requires a focus on the shooter, more than anything else.

The fact is that american servicemen are the victims of radical muslim men shouting "allahu akbar" every day, and in the case of Hasan, there were warning signs. He had numerous complaints logged against him, had his sanity question, and also had known connections to a radical imam with connections to al qaeda. THESE arent just unrelated things, theyre leper's bells.

for those more concerned with political correctness than maintaining maximum safety for our servicemen, i understand they will say its unimportant to wonder "whether he was shouting allahu akbar". as for the rest, i think its something worth considering.......