Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"People Like Dallas Wright Disgust Me"

Oh man, I wonder what I'll write about today. The Phillies? Nah, probably race again.

Yesterday was a really interesting day. You'll notice the post is gone, a brave anonymous commenter on the Daily raised a good point that me writing such mean things about poor Jason Welch could result in my suspension or expulsion since it was technically published.

So I amend my words from yesterday, because I can understand how some people may have been offended. I apologize to Jason for joking about him either being "a racist, or NU's only special-ed student."

I apologize to any racists and special-ed students out there too.

What I refuse to apologize for is what I said about Jason's actions. To me, and many others, he acted very much like a "jackass", exactly what I said yesterday. The fact that I went out of my way to say that "he is probably a pretty okay person" went unnoticed. Don't know why that is.

Regardless of his intentions, what Jason and his friend did was unacceptable. Obviously not to everybody, but that doesn't matter. Enough people on this campus are offended by this, and that cannot be dismissed as "professional whining", "attention-seeking black activism", "or political correctness. We are all adults, and we are accountable for our actions. I am not and never have called for Jason to be punished in any way - and neither did Kellyn's letter. I was raising a point, trying to let people know that, to many, blackface is wholly intolerable. Without exception. If that can get me suspended or expelled from this school, then this isn't a place I want to be.

The place I want to be is a place where people, even if they cannot understand why some people are offended by blackface, whiteface, "Lucy Liu yellowface", or whatever, can understand that it is offensive to some people. This isn't an issue of political correctness, it's a matter of respect. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of my favorite books (I read it in 5th grade, but so what), but if I starved myself for 3 weeks, wore a brown wig, painted my skin white and put on an exaggerated nose, I highly doubt anybody would defend me for "supporting" Anne Frank.

I probably would get called much worse than the "race traitor", "attention whore", "affirmative action admit", and "piece of shit" labels I inherited yesterday.

Jason may have been trying to look as much like Bob Marley as possible, but he went about it in a traditionally pejorative way. You cannot separate the history from the past, as much as we like to in this country.

So yeah, that's all I'd really like to say. Not writing a thesis here, just tossing out my thoughts. And to all of the tough guys on the Daily comment board, I challenge you to come out to the Louis Room Thursday at 6 pm. Be a man/woman and put a face to your words. I promise you won't get called a racist.

And to anybody else who wants to make fake Facebook profiles and flood my wall with shrouded threats, I'm not going anywhere. You know my REAL name, you know what I look like, and you know where you can find me. Your move.

*Haha and to the astute Wildcat who found the "Let me get that for you sir...you cracker-ass cracker" quote from my profile, I can't even hate. That was impressive investigating. Too bad you took it out of context and didn't include where my grandfather got that from. It was Chris Rock. Middle of p. 21.


DSD said...

I feel you on that. Try not to sweat the negative publicity. There is a lot of ignorance out there.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to learn from your blog that nobody is urging any administrative action be taken against Jason Welch.

To place this issue in some perspective: This is a university that has a renowned Holocaust denier on the faculty. Over a period of more than a decade, he used university-supplied bandwidth to publish a web-page detailing his "investigations" in this direction.

In brief, what Jason Welch has done feels to me like maybe 0.5% as bad as what Arthur Butz did. And you know what? We should study the past, fight the battles that really matter in the present, hoping to improve the future. Those of us who lost our families in the Holocaust, those of us whose ancestors were enslaved in this country, and everyone else in this community.

Anonymous said...

ridiculous. why does no one get mad when girls dress like complete whores on halloween. no one EVER talks about how these girls are degrading themselves and others. but when a man decides to have fun and dress up as his favorite artist. there is a problem. absolutley ridiculous. Jason Welch did nothing to offend anyone. this is all about people trying to start drama over nothing. on the lines that he is "retarted" you don't get into northwestern just for sports... there has to be brains behind it.

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