Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/18/09

  • "May 2010"

    There are only two things that would stop me from seeing Iron Man 2 at midnight on the night it comes out: the funeral of a family member or Rihanna asking me to take her out. And, to be honest, I'd probably take her to go see Iron Man 2. Don Cheadle as War Machine?? Yes and please. I don't even remember what site I first saw this on, but I think it was The Smoking Section. So propers to them.
  • "New Era" Saw these Peanuts fitteds from New Era Japan. Never really watched the show except for in dire circumstances (i.e. Cartoon Network decided to schedule a Powerpuff Girls marathon), but these hats are pretty tough. Props High Snobiety.
  • "Fan Voting"

    It's the stupidest thing going in sports. More stupid than Thunderstix. Deron Williams is arguably the best point guard in the NBA. For sure in the top 3. There's no reason he should have to waste his time and money making viral videos in order to persuade ass-backward fans to vote him into the All-Star Game. Players and coaches should choose all-stars, in every sport. That way, things like Tracy McGrady being voted to start this year's All-Star Game wouldn't happen. I don't hate T-Mac, it's just that he's played about 20 minutes THE ENTIRE SEASON. Fans are irrational and selfish (and whores), that's the beauty in it. And that's also the danger in letting them decide things that get taken into account when we assess the greatness of an athlete's career. I understand the whole "wanting to get fans involved" argument. I understand that it's retarded. When you pay $40 for a ticket, you're involved. Just ask this guy.


DSD said...

Powerpuff Girls were tight. No hating![and no homo]

DSD said...

Also, Lupe is my nigga for real. He can even set the record straight usin almost all caps w/o being annoying.

MiSS *KRiS said...

ughh. i don't like rihanna. going to see Iron Man 2 is by far and most def the better option.

btw thanx & i killed the autostart LOL. but u can't lie, wale is the greatest...