Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/22/09

  • "..."

    Went to the Bulls game last night. For 30 minutes, it was glorious. Shooting about 60% from the field, and they were dominating a supposedly inferior team. At home. But then, things started to break bad. Real bad. Luol Deng looked like he was shooting left-handed jumpers (...he's right-handed), Derrick Rose decided to just run around the court like an 8 year old, and John Salmons played like John Salmons. 18 minutes later, the Bulls had choked in record style. 35-point second half lead, gone. For anybody who's ever played organized ball, I hope you can understand how mind-numbingly mind-numbing that is. The Lakers could probably hold a 35-point lead playing with only 4 guys. I can't see Vinny of Negro making it another month. And, after seeing him play live, there is not a guard in the league that can guard Tyreke Evans 1-on-1. Not one.
  • "Tanning" Had a talk with Chuka last night about it and how we simply couldn't understand why people do it. So, I did a little research and....I still have no clue why people do it. First off, I do realize that people of all races tan. I get that. But I mean all kinds of people are on welfare, and we don't exactly have the most inclusive images of them in our heads. So, white people, I'm asking this to you all specifically: why tan? I hear the "not wanting to be pasty" cries. Thing is though, just as the sun tends to rise, white people tend to be pale. I can only speak for myself, but, when I see a melanin-challenged person, I don't get startled. I don't think to myself, "man that lady looks unhealthy." I just see a regular old white person. When I see this person though, it takes all 20 years of my socialization to stop me from stopping and examining them veterinarian-style. I seen tan people in the winter! The sun is up for like 45 minutes in the winter! So, my friends with the complexion for the protection, please help me understand. What about being tan makes it worth the skin cancer and the wrinkly skin at age 40?
  • "College" I just I must not go to a real one. The Trib put out a list of the Top 10 "college foods" today. By that, they mean the most popular foods in cafeterias according to Sodexo. That's all good, though. I almost didn't want to waste time reading it. I already knew what would be on it. Pizza, fries, Adderall, cold pizza, salad. But I was wrong. Apricot-glazed turkey? *Twists mouth up* C'mon son.
  • "Queens" Props to the Queens borough for naming a street after Sean Bell. I do kinda wish they woulda found a street with a park or a grade school or something to call Sean Bell Way, though. Instead of the same street he caught 50 police bullets on. Sigh, baby steps, Dallas, baby steps. Oh, and there were of course the obligatory angry police officers. Props Bossip.

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