Monday, December 28, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/28/09

  • "Support" Please go support your 10-1, 25th-ranked Northwestern men's basketball team. They are killin people without Kevin Coble, and Apollo 11 launched the last time they were nationally ranked. The games are free for NU students!! Go!! I feel a lot more comfortable screaming at the opposing players about their mothers' venereal diseases around 500 people than I do around 50 people.
  • "Mr. Chi City"

    He of lady-friendly refrigerator fame. I caught this video on The Smoking Section this morning. Got a lot of respect for Chi City after seeing this. This seems genuine, and, even if it isn't, he's still helping people who could use some help. The initial reactions are priceless. The "who the hell are you" face comes pretty much every time without fail.
  • "Vinny" According to ESPN, he's a dead man walking. Figuratively, I mean. I called off the hit after the win Saturday. Sad that the man is losing his job, but he's ruining Derrick Rose. Rose's development is should be the Bulls one and only priority, so I'd like to see Avery Johnson's country ass on the bench. Maybe Byron Scott.
  • "Jesus" Shuttlesworth, that is. Ray Allen tweeted some pretty corny/scandalous stuff over the weekend. Watchin a little too much softcore Skinemax there, Ray Ray? Of course, he used the tried and true "I got hacked" excuse. I doubt it. He posted via Echofon both times, within minutes of each other. His fine ass wife can't be too happy about this. Via TSS.

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