Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/3/09

  • "Tiger" I've kept out of the man's business. He can bone whoever he wants. But James brought up a good point yesterday at the Black House, and every website I've been to today has his face on it. So I gotta chime in. Like James said, the biggest reason this is such a big deal is b/c Tiger Woods wasn't human before this. Like him and Barack were the guys for us, even if they didn't openly say it. They didn't have any weaknesses - they didn't whup their kids in the checkout line at Target, they didn't have any 3rd cousins write any books about how they used to blow trees and play Atari 2600 in 9th grade. And they damn sure didn't have any side cooch coming outta the woodwork. Until Tiger got lazy. C'mon son, you really gonna leave your name (and not even Eldrick!!) on a voicemail? That's Creepin' 101. I really really hope Tiger and Elin the Damager have a prenup, b/c if not she is gonna break him for Mega Millions money. Then buy the black hole formerly known as Dubai and rename it "Niggas Ain't Shit". Now all we have left is Barack. Super Negro. No pressure Mr. President.
  • "Fuckery" Lou Dobbs is a chump. And I still can't see how anybody can deny the fact that Barack is an illegitimate President - for whatever P.C. reason you want to comfort yourself with - to like half the nation. Dobbs said, on national TV, that he wants to know "Who the hell does this president think he is?" Um, besides the god damn President? Let me clarify some details too. This was over Barack's wanting the U.S. to enter an international treaty over climate change, not the "I want to take all Lou Dobbs shit" treaty that the reaction hints at.
  • "PETA" A consistent Top 5 club member. For obvious reasons. The USDA calls them terrorists. Arguable, yes. But I can't name another terrorist organization that's brought so much happiness to the Internet. *Aside* Since when is it the USDA's job to decide who terrorists are? Have the people who own high fructose corn syrup on that list too?
  • "3D"

    Land Gigs

    A few tracks from the Dimensions mixtape leaked today. Full tape coming soon.

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