Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/9/09

  • "Macroeconomics" *If you click the graph, you'll see that it contains typos. The y-axis should read "# of fucks given" and the x-axis should read "time"* I'm proud to say that I'll never have to study it again. It was also the first time in my life I've honestly said "fuck it" in school. We always talk that trash about how we don't care about the test and how it's whatever, but then we sneak off to our room and cram till 3 am and act like the B+ we get on the exam was just pure luck. I've been there. Not this time though. I tried the review session last night, just to see what I did and didn't know. The TA might as well have been speaking in Mandarin. I saw this on the board and said, and I quote, "fuck it". Dinner was a much better look. Throw in 3 hours of brainstorming goony Facebook middle names in the library and voila! There's the B-/C+ in the course that I can live with.
  • "Death" Pretty interesting read on the HuffPost. And by interesting I mean mind-numbingly unbelievable. Quantum physics scientists have developed a theory that attempts to prove that death - not being around anymore for the Comm majors out there - doesn't really exist. In short: there are multiple universes and everything that could ever possibly ever happen happens in one of those infinite universes, so, since human consciousness is brain energy and it's proven that energy cannot be destroyed, the body dies but your "energy" remains. Phew. I guess it's more believable than getting access to an all-white-everything club in the sky only after you apologize to the right god for smoking that kush and boning your wife's book club partner that one night. Read it for yourself to get the full idea.
  • "Fuckery" Remember that prank gum you could buy in the mall that would "explode" when chewed? It always looked fun; you probably could get 3 or 4 chuckles out of your friend's terrified scream. Well, some Ukrainian students tried to make their own exploding gum to prank a buddy. It ended up blowing off his entire lower jaw. Props HuffPost again.
  • "Free Music" Jeezy + Wayne? Yes please. Can not wait till Thug Motivation 103. Props 2Dbz.

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