Friday, December 4, 2009

In These Books

No time again for a full post today. Prepping for these finals is killing me, and so did giving a tour for the kids today at 10 am. That was enjoyable, though. It's tripped out that I was them 5 years ago.

Interesting story on the Trib police blotter. In yet another asinine waste of police and judiciary resources, a guy was arrested for setting up a massive grow-house on 71st and Halsted. Peep the Garden of Eden below.

Now the shocking part is that dude is white. It's not shocking that he's white and grows a lotta weed. If you know Chicago at all, then you understand why a 40-year-old white man not in a CPD uniform on 71st in Halsted is a rare sight.

Dude had about 400 plants and nearly that many pounds of dodie. I'm no expert or anything, but that kind of weight probably is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Especially since it was grown indoors. That's absurd. If we would just wake the hell up and legalize it, that would probably be worth 5% of what it is now. There'd be no need for 4 Debo-lookin dudes with TEC-9s guarding the stash house. Just a top-flight security mall cop. Or your fat-ass cousin. Slap a plastic badge on him and slide him a walkie-talkie and you're good.

Legalize it. Tax it. Smoke it....if that's how you get down. This guy, and other "drug dealers" are businessmen, not really criminals. They're criminals in the eyes of the archaic Puritan laws we still live by, but who did this guy hurt or take advantage of? He was selling a product no more harmful than tobacco, but, b/c our drug laws are (and probably forever will be) ass-backwards, thousands of tax dollars will be wasted prosecuting and rehabilitating locking him the fuck up. Because we've declared weed and other drugs illegal, we foster an environment of illegality. Cats wouldn't be killing and extorting each other over drug turf and sales if it was legal. They'd just open their own shops. I don't see Starbucks owners doing drive-bys at Dunkin Donuts.

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DSD said...

I love how they specified that he was wearing a tie-dye shirt.