Monday, December 28, 2009

MDT5 X DSD Present: 5 Worst Fashion Trends of the Decade

5 Worst Fashion Trends of the Decade

So in honor of the new year, DSDglobal and MDT5 are doing some collabo work. I'm extra geeked to be writing on MDT5 as I've been reading it on the daily since the summer before college. So please, indulge!

I read somewhere that a good way to get people to read your blog was to make lists and at the end of the year, people usually put together big lists of things. So I figured, "It's the end of a decade,why the hell not?"

1. Kanye Shades

To start off, I'm sure these... things have an official name, but Kanye is the person with whom we all associate them with. Following that train of thought, they were only cool when Kanye Wore them. Kanye [and other celebrities] do a lot of stuff you cant do. Like this and this. With all the emotions brewing from the Glow In The Dark Tour, some[read "way too many"] people failed to realize that they were not, in fact, celebrities. And then decided that they'd look cool wearing Kanye Shades with disastrous results.

Glasses with no lenses that partially obstruct your vision are part of a costume, not part of an outfit.

2. The Keffiyeh

I'm not even gonna front. I love these shits. I used to rock them all the time in highschool. They're not bad in the sense that they're ugly [if not a bit played out], but bad in the sense that they're distasteful.

"Traditionally worn by Palestinian peasants, the keffiyeh became a symbol of Palestinian nationalism during the Arab Revolt of the 1930s.[2][3] Its prominence increased in the 1960s with the beginning of the Palestinian resistance movement and its adoption by Palestinian politicianYasser Arafat.[2]"

Why would you go and commercialize something with such a cultural meaning to a group of people? I'm not sure people would like it much if, for example, American flags became trendy somewhere and big name models were wearing them around their heads.

In my opinion, if there's a meaning behind something. Find out before you do/wear/say it. It's an easy way to stay out of trouble.

3. Skinny Jeans on Men

Guys can not do this. It's not allowed. Coming from me, this is a big deal. I love the color pink, I shop at H&M based on what I already don't have rather than what I want to get, and I have more shoes than your average girl. But I would never ever ever even think about wearing these.

This trend is rather new and I think it'll end rather quickly. All it'll take is one unfortunate incident. Some of us call guys w/ sagging purple skintight jeans hipsters and there are others who address them as "You know the drill, bitch. Spread em."

3. Tall Tees

I think these are okay... if you want to be a victim of racial profiling and police violence[even if you're white!]. Call me bougie, but aside from ashy lips, I consider when at least 3/4 of the males in view wearing XXXXXXL Tees to be the biggest indicator of hood-ness.

Look at the pictures above. The first person is smiling, but they still don't look like someone you can trust. Now look down at the next few people. Same story. Now imagine all of these people in large polos from Express.


I'm not even gonna no homo this: I am a Pharrell Williams dickrider. I need help. But for the time being, I'm content with myself.

Now that that's out of the way, BAPE is whack. I mean, looking back, it was cool when I was in highschool. But after senior year, cool changes to corny real fast. It's not okay to look like a skittle anymore.

5. Ed Hardy/Coogi

Again, this is one of those things that were okay when they were cool, but should be allowed to finish their life cycle and die. I noticed the Coogi brand is kind of evolving away from the "I am doing entirely too much" school of fashion design, but they can not be forgiven for past transgressions.

Matching T-shirts, shoes, belts, sunglasses, hats, jeans, and jewelry doesn't make for a fly outfit. It's tacky. Please stop.

*Bonus - Best Recent Fashion Trend

6. Wearing Leggings as Pants

Yeah, buddy.

Spring was always my favorite season. But only late spring. Now that college has started, spring means booty.[Usually]

I see a lot of leggings as pants haters. I'm convinced these people are all one of or a combination of these things: A.) Female B.) A Hater

Keep on keeping on, ladies.


sam said...

great guest post my dood. The funniest thing aside from the commentary is the position that The New Boyz (aka The New Bornz) are in while performing. Why are the hunched over like that. I hope Scoliosis isn't a trend of 2010s.

DSD said...

haha, thanks