Monday, December 28, 2009

MDT5 x DSD Present: Top 5 Women of 2009

For the entire week, you can catch DSD and My Daily Top 5's 'Best of 2009' series. I'll be handling the '09, Chuka the decade, both of us will be bringing you quality material. Check back here or at DSD Global every night for a new list.

  • "Rihanna" Boy oh boy, is that worth 1000 words. Barbados' finest export had a pretty roller coaster year: from 2 Grammy nominations and the critically acclaimed Rated R, to getting Chris Brown'd by Chris Brown and missing her performance at said Grammys. I still give her the 'W' for the year, though. The 'D' too.
  • "Freida Pinto" Slumdog Millionaire dropped stateside in January, and we (and by "we" I mean me) got our first taste of Ms. Pinto. I went back to my AMC theater for seconds and thirds too, I'm not ashamed to say it. Freida made it possible for me to endure the predictable love story that was Slumdog, as well as the "why does that clown get to make out with Latika" frustration that nearly cost me my sanity. That population explosion in India is paying serious dividends.
  • "Megan Fox" While overrated in my eyes, and yes they do work, Megan Fox has pretty much Debo-ed her way onto this list. She was everywhere in 2009. Ok, she really only was in Transformers 2 and in magazines, but it seemed like she was everywhere. To straight guys. I'm not going to kid myself here and act like I wouldn't do terrible things to her, but she's not the second coming. ** Still, Ms. Fox is a force to be reckoned with. And she doesn't have a problem taking clothes off or kissing girls either. That helps.
  • "Alicia Keys" If you turned on a TV or a radio the last half of 2009, odds are you heard Alicia singing the hook from "Empire State of Mind". Aside from that song having taken over the fall and winter's Billboard charts, and the World Series, Keys is flat out fine. The source of my second "why does that clown get to chop her down" crisis, Alicia Keys is one of the most incredible blends of beauty, talent, and class we have. Another #1 album in December, Billboard's #5 artist of the decade, and a philanthropist, Alicia is the type of girl on this list that you marry......Sike!! If I had a shot, I'd marry any and all of the above. But, you get what I mean.
  • "...Twerk Team"

    How can you argue with me after seeing that video? According to YouTube, Twerk Team burst on the viral video scene in June. The world of ass-clapping would never be the same. Do me a favor. Think of that one song you always bug the DJ at the party to play after your second glass of punch. Twerk Team has a video for that. While some of the Team ain't really pretty - a couple are actually legit busted - they all get As for effort. Can we get these girls a Gatorade sponsorship? I heard that the company is a client short nowadays.


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