Monday, December 14, 2009

A Watershed Moment In The History of Bad Music

This is it ladies and gentlemen. This is it. The Selective Enrollment High School Anthem, "My White Friends" by Deuce Poppi.

Now if you went to a selective enrollment school in Chicago, or pretty much any majority white high school in the nation, you understand what I mean. Your "white friends" were a collective. You never said "yeah, me, Seth and Todd were kickin' it last night." Nope. You said "yeah, I was kickin' it with my white friends last night." That's just how it is.

Thank you, Deuce Poppi, whoever you are, for making this. This speaks to the masses of black and brown people who've ever been to a Ballers frat party. And actually had a good time!! This, my friends, is conscious rap I can relate to. I don't have time to boo the ills of capitalism and government corruption. No, I want somebody to speak to me about my life experiences.

I thought I was the only one who leaves from shootin dice in the trap to going to my white friends' pool party in a matter of 10 minutes. Props to Troy Brundidge on the find. You deserve a medal.


bellamyd said...

hahaha of course i can relate to that too

btrilogy said...

Too true!Love it.

DSD said...

I love it!