Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/11/10

  • "Driving Tests" Just got back from getting my Defensive Driving certification. Brutal. I was envisioning a university-run driver's test; parking, left turns, mirror checks, etc. But no, this was much much much worse. The entire exam is on a computer. Not just a click-and-go deal either. You have to sit and watch about 45 minutes worth of Sega Genesis lookin-ass graphics and videos showing you how to set up flares and trick would-be carjackers into following you to the precinct. Halfway through, I honestly considered just getting up and leaving. It was that bad. Now I'm in the clear though. This time next week I'll be everybody's favorite SafeRide driver. And caked up too. Can't forget about that part.
  • "Cannabis Sativa" Joe Namath is a HOF quarterback and a hilarious alcoholic. His daughter, Olivia, blows heavy trees. The 19-year-old got stopped in Florida today and, seeing as they smelled the weed from Georgia, the cops searched her car for more drugs. They found 12.5 pounds in her floor and side panels. "Is that a lot of dodie, Dallas?" 12.5 pounds? All I'll say is I don't know what kind of connect Ms. Olivia has where she is cruising around with 40 grand worth of product. On a Monday afternoon. Props TBL.
  • "The Cleveland Show"

    I don't watch the show, but after hearing about this and seeing it I may have to change that. Shouts TSS. DEAD @ the Scottie Pippen cameo.

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