Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/13/10

  • "Aid" I'm sure all of you have seen/heard about what happened in Haiti yesterday. This really is a worst-case scenario for the island. Not only have they been economically debilitated by centuries of man-made cruelty and exploitation, now they have 7.0 Richters of Mother Nature's punishment to deal with too. Death tolls won't be official for a while but, given how concentrated the Haitian population is, casualties in the thousands are likely. There are reports of the bodies of women and children piled up in the streets of Port-au-Prince. I really hope - for the first time I can think of in modern history - the rich nations of the world actually help Haiti for a change, instead of continuing to cut her off from the wealth of the Americas. Haiti has been the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere for decades, but please don't kid yourself into thinking that happened by chance. I sure hope Barack walks the walk on this one and actually devotes "unwavering support".
  • "Walmart"

    The fuckery gift that keeps on giving. Shouts to all my shoplifters and petty thieves out there. If you wanna come up on some AXE body spray on a five-finger discount, try Target. If you get slick at Walton's place you might catch a few to the dome. Props TBL.
  • "Hecklers"

    Heckling is a fine science. There are few more satisfying things than yelling something inappropriate and yet (sometimes) true at just the right time. Kellyn knows something about that. You've got to make it personal enough to shake your target, and general enough for most of the audience to join in. Well some guy - who probably qualifies as a stalker - found George Bush Sr. at a pizza place and gave him the business. I'm not sure if "Zionist piece of shit" is offensive to any of you out there, but if it is I apologize. For you being so easily offended. Takes a serious pair of stones to verbally assault a guy with Secret Service flanking him. Props HuffPost.
  • "Hedo Turkoglu"

    One of the most impressive oops I've ever seen. Obviously more so b/c of the pass than the finish. Props

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DSD said...

Alley-oop was sick. And I think Kellyn has a hating rival now.