Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/20/10

  • "Gibbs and Pill" Andrew hit me a few minutes ago asking how to jack the streaming music player from Rap Radar and put it up on FSD. He'd already gotten it taken care of by the time I'd figured out how to, uh, borrow the code for the song, but I learned how to do it. So now I can stream anything here.

    Freddie Gibbs ft. Pill - "Do Wrong"
  • "SafeRide" Just got back from my interview too. At least the driving interview. I found out I have to go back in a few days and chop it up with the massa/supervisor. I'm one step closer to stacking more of this money though. And, for the record, Priuses have the weirdest interiors ever. You stick the "key" in a slot to start the car and there's a button and a knob for the gearshift. It's literally laid out like an arcade racing game.
  • "Fuckery" I feel like I've been living in an alternate reality over the past 16 hours. I was at Demas' watching this movie Felon yesterday, and, either it was set in the distant distant future, or the screenwriter was dropping acid while he wrote the script. I wanna know where the hell you're gonna find a prison run by black and brown people that torture and terrorize white inmates. It was as if the director sat down and decided to make a film that was the reverse of everything that actually happens in real US prisons. And that was just the first thing. Today I came across the most absurd sports story on TBL and HuffPost I may have ever seen. Assorted white people are trying to get the All-American Basketball Alliance off the ground this year; they are envisioning 12 teams. What makes the AABA special? Only American-born white men are allowed to play. This is 2010. Not even Bill Clinton could spin this as not the most racist shit in sports since John Rocker. But that didn't stop Don "Moose" Lewis from trying. Some of the highlights: "I want to emphasize fundamental basketball instead of “street-ball” played by people of color....We're providing a forum for whites who are in the minority now to play the fundamental basketball they enjoy." This is 2010. And please don't compare this to Negro League baseball, like Lewis also did. Negro Leaguers didn't play in that league b/c they were in the minority, or b/c they were longing for more "fundamental" baseball. It's b/c they weren't allowed to fucking play in the major leagues!!!! There's no way the AABA ever sees the light of day. Right?
  • "Politics"

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    I said my peace about the Masschusetts senatorial election yesterday. I could care less who won. Gary Coleman could've given politics another shot and won and it would make the no difference to me. Health care reform or any other issue isn't going to be decided by politicians, or the people they (technically) represent. It's going to be decided by Benjamin Franklin. The people who control the money control the government. Our entire nation was founded on getting paid- free-market capitalism - so I don't see why "the common good" and all that moral buzzword bullshit gets tossed around so much. If the common good was the most important thing to us, the world would look a lot different. I'm off my soapbox now I swear.
  • "Rosa Acosta" Just because. You happy now?

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