Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/28/10 (400th Post!!)

  • "Politics" The State of the Union Address was last night. Barack said all the standard things - God bless America, we will prevail, etc - and Chris Matthews had another Chris Matthews moment. The entire time watching it, though, I couldn't get past the fact that half the room refused to clap for even the most obviously positive remarks. Barack could've said that he wanted to cure HIV by 2012 and the detractors, who just happened to be Republicans, wouldn't have clapped. I'm not taking sides here; Democrats and Republicans are all the same, incompetent showmen. Watching an entire side of the room refuse to clap even for reducing childhood obesity, strictly because a member of a rival party was center stage, did nothing but reaffirm my belief that politics (and politicians) is a farce.
  • "Derrick Rose"

    The Bulls have won 4 straight games over Western Conference teams with winning records, and Rose is the biggest reason why. He's averaging 26 a game over that span and is thriving as the team's #1 scoring option. Nobody in the league can guard him one-on-one. Thabo Sefalosha is one of the best perimeter defenders in the world, and Rose just abuses him here. I literally just went to the Tribune site, and saw that Rose just got selected to the All-Star team. Well deserved.
  • "Freshwater Chicago" I'm posting today in my crispy new, heather gray FWC crew. Props to Grant for shipping the product. Support!
  • "MTV" They would be foolish not to bring Jersey Shore back for a second season, and, according to Variety, that's what likely will happen. 10 stacks an episode to get belligerently drunk, fist pump, fist fight, and then stain mediocre chicks? Wish I was stereotypically Italian. Props TSS.
  • "iPad" I understand why there's so much hype. It's an Apple product, it's pretty, and it's an Apple product. I own a netbook though, and an MP3 player, and I know how to get around with the use of the sun, the lake and general intelligence, so I won't be buying one. I'll definitely go to the Apple Store and fuck around with one for free though.

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